Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Wedding Caterer


Now that you've booked a venue, invited guests, and made all the necessary arrangements for your wedding, the next big question is what your guests will eat. Finding the right caterer for your wedding can be a daunting task if you don't know what questions to ask. Read on to see the questions you should be asking to find the right catering company for your wedding.

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Have they ever worked at the venue you're interested in?

Caterers can have a hard time adjusting to new venues. When a catering company is called to work at a new site, they need to familiarize themselves with the layout, kitchen, and space they'll be serving in. If they'll be cooking onsite they need to know where the kitchen is, the number of working surfaces present, and the amount of space available. Make sure you determine whether a catering service has experience working at the venue of your wedding, as this can make the process smoother.


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Can they accommodate the menu you're looking for?

If you have a particular cuisine in mind or are looking to have a specific food item or family recipe served at your wedding reception, you should share this information with your Austin wedding caterers. You may also want to look at sample menus. Some catering services specialize in specific food items while others are flexible and willing to work with whatever you have in mind. You should choose a caterer who is comfortable with the choice of food you want for your wedding.



Will their services fit in your budget?

One of the most important considerations to make when planning a wedding reception is your budget. Once you determine how much you want to spend on food, drinks, and other expenses, the right catering companies can offer you a proposal that matches your needs. A budget will help your caterer come up with the appropriate options for your wedding including things like buffet, seated, and family style.



What time will they arrive?

The timing of your wedding is important when choosing a catering service. The last thing you want is a catering service that arrives at the eleventh hour. It's smart to have some room between when the caterers arrive and when the event begins in case of unexpected occurrences. Some caterers, especially Courtney’s Catering, arrive 2-3 hours before the event. Make sure you ask how far in advance your catering service will arrive. 



A wedding is a special event for couples and their loved ones, and getting everything right during the planning stages is crucial. One of the ways to get it right is by hiring the right Austin Wedding Caterer. Our in-house Wedding and Event Coordinators personalize each step to ensure you’re menu tastes exactly as you dreamed it would. Contact us today to learn about how we make planning your wedding a breeze, and don’t forget to ask us the questions above!